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Team Fortress 2 Sprays – Drunk Engineer »

So I play Team Fortress 2 a good bit now and it’s actually a whole lot of fun. It’s the first game for me that is so much fun that I can actually have fun even while I’m losing. In TF2 you can have what’s called a “spray”. The default key is “T”. You can […]

DJ Santa »

This ad was on the side of facebook while I was browsing it yesterday. Apparently nowadays Santa likes his Palm Centro and also likes to remix music… or at least host it on his “page”. What the fuck?… This ad makes absolutely no sense at all. In fact…the picture in the ad looks like they […]

April Fools Jokes 2008 »

I’m collecting all the April Fools jokes I come across this year and putting them all in this one post. So far we’ve got Google, Youtube, and Cafepress. Read on to see them all!!

5 People You’ll Meet In A Bar #1 »

There are a number of types of different people at the bar. In fact there’s probably hundreds of different types of people at any given bar (and we’re not talking about the bartender or the waitresses…). I’ve selected 5 of them to analyze and warn you about before you head out to the local pub […]

Types of Stop Lights That Piss Me Off »

Stop lights mean well. They really do. Without them the roads would be a lot more confusing and the 30 minute commute to work could possibly take an hour. Sometimes they work as intended freely moving traffic along while preventing massive backups, long waits, and accidents. On December 10th, 1868, the first traffic lights were […]

5 Best Games While Drunk »

We all enjoy a little activity when we go out to the bars…so much so that there are games and activities that are synonymous with bars and alcohol. I’ve compiled a short list of what I think are the Top 5. It was a tough decision and I even tried to include some runners-up at […]