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Comcast Sucks »

So nobody in the state of Mississippi that I know of (probably an even wider base) who uses Comcast for their internet service can access my site right now. I’m on Comcast and can’t get here (without using a proxy) on my home computer but can reach it on my iPhone… hence this post. Actually […]

Shackled Grapes »

So I was looking at some speakers Camp saw on Woot and I saw a section of Woot that was solely dedicated to wine. “Awesome!!” I thought as I began to peruse through the wines and found myself a nice Iron Horse Cabernet. I scroll to the bottom hoping to find some shipping info and […]

Mississippi Enacts “Covenant Marriage” »

Senate Bill 2550 passed as amended yesterday. The title is: An act to create a form of marriage to be known as covenant marriage requiring certain declarations; to provide that a covenant marriage may be dissolved in cases of adultery; to allow the deferred sale of property; to amend sections 93-1-5, 93-5-1 and 93-5-23, Mississippi […]

The reason you can’t make iPhone ringtones… »

Update 2: If you are running a Mac with iLife 08 then you can export your own ringtones from Garageband. I’d suggest running some filters to remove excess bass (as your phone will not do anything but bleed the audio into a glob of horrible-soundingness) and each ringtone has a maximum limit of 40 seconds. […]

Yellowstone Trouble »

One of the most destructive and yet least-understood natural phenomena in the world is a supervolcano. Only a handful exist in the world but when one erupts it will be unlike any volcano mankind has ever witnessed. The explosion will be heard around the world. The sky will darken, black rain will fall, and the […]