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Fedora 9 Beta Released »

The Fedora 9 Beta (nicknamed Sulphur) was released yesterday and the final release is expected on April 29. You can read the official release here. The latest version of the free (yeah, free as in beer…) cousin of Red Hat Linux comes with a number of major updates, including support for the latest versions of […]

Must-Have Software for Linux »

While this list is nowhere near completely inclusive of all software, it is a list of my favorite software for Linux. I broke it down into categories and I plan on expanding on each category in the next couple days. Check back for more posts.

Top 5 Linux Distro UI’s »

I’ve really enjoyed using Parallels to run Linux on my Macbook Pro. I get the sleek styling of the Macbook but I get to use an open-source operating system on it. I’ve installed several different popular Linux distributions and put together a top 5 list ranked firstly on interface appeal and secondly on general distribution […]