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Paris Mixes 3 and 4 »

Click here to read about what the Paris Mixes are. [audio:|titles=Robbie Watson – Paris #3] Robbie Watson – Paris #3 [audio:|titles=Robbie Watson – Paris #4] Robbie Watson – Paris #4

Paris Mixes »

So I was in Paris all week last week but the hotel I was staying at wanted to charge 20 euros a day for internet in my room. Needless to say I didn’t get it and when I had free time in my hotel room I decided to mix in Garageband instead. I came up […]

Flickr Pics – Feb ’08 »

Uploaded some new pictures to the flickr account. A few from when we decided to make Katie a red velvet birthday cake kind of spur-of-the-moment and a really sweet one from when we saw the fog setting in over the lake. Click the pic to check ’em out.

Coming Soon: Long Exposure Pics »

So I’ve been dying to do this since (some cellphone carrier) has been doing it in their commercials and it just seems like a blast to make something like it in a still picture. Came across this picture on Flickr and decided that I’ll try and make something like it tonight or tomorrow night. Let’s […]