Category: Photoshop

Vertical 1080 Blur Wallpapers »

I got myself a new Samsung Galaxy S 5 and was in need of some wallpapers. There are tons of 1920 x 1080 wallpapers out there but not very many 1080 x 1920 ones (the distinction is important, one is 1080 horizontally while the other is vertical!) so I decided to make a few of […]

Handlebars & Cigars Mustache Pack »

All of my past free vector Mustache Packs have been extremely popular and continue to drive loads of traffic to the site even when I don’t make posts for weeks/months. I really appreciate all of the positive feedback and the examples everyone has sent me of all the silly uses for the mustaches. I decided […]

Goodbye Photobomber »

Photoshop. Helping the graphically inclined rub out photobombers since 1988 Click the image to see a bigger before/after. (yeah I know it’s not perfect but for a small print or web use you’d never know something was missing)

Team Fortress 2 Sprays – Drunk Engineer »

So I play Team Fortress 2 a good bit now and it’s actually a whole lot of fun. It’s the first game for me that is so much fun that I can actually have fun even while I’m losing. In TF2 you can have what’s called a “spray”. The default key is “T”. You can […]

MC Arrowhead Cover Ideas »

Working with my friend Emily and helping her lay out some of her ideas for what she thinks the cover of the Arrowhead (Art and Literature publication) should look like this year. She has in mind sort of an old, roughed up dirty circus poster/flyer. I don’t think the front is as good as it […]

St Patty’s Day Parade Shirts »

So there’s the annual St Patty’s Day Parade here in Jackson on March 21st in front of Hal and Mal’s downtown. I’ll be there as will half the city. If you want to show your St Patty’s Day pride then grab one of the new shirts from the Rants and Raves Store. A few of […]