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Make Your Band’s CD »

If you use facebook surely you’ve seen this already… If you haven’t – it’s a pretty fun activity. I love doing little things to keep my photoshop skills honed. 1 – Go to Wikipedia. Hit “random” or click The first random Wikipedia article you get is the name of your band. 2 – Go […]

Beerfest 09 – Australia »

So there’s a Beerfest going on up at Mississippi State this weekend and I’m rooting for Australia. I made iron-ons for tshirts and I made a bunch of stickers (8 per 8.5″ by 11″ page). The t-shirts get a “fatigued” look and I made a sheet of fatigued stickers before I realized they looked dumb […]

Wall Design »

So I want to make a big design out of Sharpie on a wall in my house. It’ll either be in the garage so it’d be rediculously easy to repaint or in my music/recording room because that’s a very casual fun room. I had an idea or two when I started on my friend Devin’s […]

Vector Mustache and Beard Pack »

After the success of the Wings Pack yesterday I decided to whip up another one. Instead this time I went with something that can easily be superimposed onto just about any picture of a person – a mustache!! Yep, there’s a dozen of these puppies in this pack. Everything from the handlebar to the fu […]

Earth Day Wallpaper »

Ok so I know Earth Day was last week. I got busy and it came and went. I made this last week and was waiting for Earth Day and so now it’s gone nobody probably is looking for an Earth Day wallpaper for their computer, but guess what – here it is… 1920×1280 widescreen format […]

New Vector Rants and Raves Wallpapers »

Threw together a few wallpapers that are 1920×1200 in size so hopefully you guys like them! They’re vector based simple images on either a light blue or light purple background. Enjoy!