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Terraria Right-Click Crash Fix »

There’s been a bug in Terraria for the last patch or two that causes some users to crash upon right-clicking any stacked item in their inventory or a chest. The game will crash and .Net will pop up an error starting with: System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. What it’s […]

Facebook Karma? »

Now I’m not a believer of Karma (in a nutshell – belief that what goes around comes around) but a few weeks ago I wrote a rant about people tagging all their friends in these collage pictures (Facebook: Stop Tagging These) like smiley faces, pinup girls, etc etc…and how stupid/annoying I thought it was. Well […]

No iPhone 3G$ For Me! »

So I went to the Memphis in May concerts and my original iPhone got wet. I was pretty pissed off but glad I finally had a reason to trade in my old iPhone for a new 3G one. That was in May. It’s June 8th now and there’s a new iPhone coming out this month. […]

Facebook: Stop Tagging These »

Seriously, Facebook – stop tagging your friends in these dumb pictures…Honestly tagging your friends on a sheet of super-heros?  How about a bunch of random freakin smiley face people… Not suit your fancy? Maybe tag your friends as different pinup-girls… and that one doesn’t even make sense. How can you gather “the one you can […]

I Infringe Copyrights »

Apparently I infringed enough copyrights for Facebook to decide to take down a video I recently uploaded. They will more than likely take down a few more I uploaded because they too (little do they know) violate the same exact copyright. Granted I see where they’re coming from, I want to explain the situation and […]

Jackson Mississippi’s Finest Policemen »

I’ve come to the decision that the Jackson Police Department is the dumbest police force in the United States. I’d rather have the crew from Reno 911 than the pieces of work we’ve got running things now. Here’s why… First a little back story… I work at a car dealership here in Jackson Mississippi doing […]