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Olympus Stylus 1050SW and XD Cards »

So I bought myself the most awesome camera in the world. The Olympus Stylus 1050 SW. It’s shockproof and waterproof and better yet it’s 10 megapixels. This thing’s pretty compact too…and still a hoss of a camera. It’s got some unique functions and plenty of goodies to keep me happy. The only downside to this […]

McDonalds Milkshake Machines »

This rant has been a long time coming. I don’t normally eat McDonalds and I’m all of 145lbs and 5’11”. I’m a fairly thin guy for my height and so what I eat has never really been an issue…One thing I’ve grown to love over the years is a good chocolate shake. Just about every […]

Huffington Post sucks… and Digg doesn’t know it »

Was surfing Digg this morning and saw what I thought at first to be the same article twice. This wouldn’t be much of a surprise to anyone who browses Digg on a regular basis. People repeatedly submit the same article twice despite being prompted with possible duplicates when they are submitted. After actually clicking on […]

Michael Savage – Biggest Douche of the Year »

I know it seems early to be naming someone the biggest douche of the year…but it’ll be hard to top this. Katie has the whole rant at her website ( – but basically he calls Autism something “made up” and “phony”. Clearly this guy will say anything to gain media attention. What a douche. Read […]

Best Buy’s 5mp Camera for $19?! »

Was in the local Best Buy with my girlfriend the other day and saw this “Bean Sprout“. I remark “Oh cute it’s a little camera with a carabiner and…oh my god 5 megapixels for $19!!” Of course before I yelled it out I quickly whip out the iPhone and after making sure the wi-fi is […]

CVS’s Misleading Branding »

I went to CVS yesterday to buy new toothpaste and some hair gel because I was running out. I’ve used Got2b (their site takes forever to load) for a while now because the “glued” line tends to hold up fairly well through out the day. I looked around for the hair products, saw the yellow […]