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I ordered a few discs from DiscGolfCenter before Christmas. I didn’t have anyone recommend them to me and I hadn’t ever ordered from them before. I came across them while searching through Google for different discs. I picked up another Blowfly II (lost my last one…damn!) as well as a 10m Brick, Gremlin GM, and […]

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I’ve been playing a little bit of Disc golf lately since I found a new course very close to where I live. One problem I have is that I just have a few “reviews” of discs to go by online and most of them are the same copy/paste from a manufacturer’s description “this is a […] »

So the Southern Comfort Gamers have officially launched a website with forums and clan news and all that jazz. They’ve also got lots of SoCo Gamers wallpapers and Team Fortress 2 sprays for you to download. Pretty snazzy setup for a small gaming clan with no servers of their own.

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Had some fun playing this game If you haven’t played it – please do. After I got bored with doing it conventionally I figured out how to make a catapult and decided to blaze through the first ten levels using nothing but catapults to get my little thing to the finish line. Check them […]

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So there’s the annual St Patty’s Day Parade here in Jackson on March 21st in front of Hal and Mal’s downtown. I’ll be there as will half the city. If you want to show your St Patty’s Day pride then grab one of the new shirts from the Rants and Raves Store. A few of […]

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So I bought myself the most awesome camera in the world. The Olympus Stylus 1050 SW. It’s shockproof and waterproof and better yet it’s 10 megapixels. This thing’s pretty compact too…and still a hoss of a camera. It’s got some unique functions and plenty of goodies to keep me happy. The only downside to this […]