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Why I Love Apple »

Sure I love their products and their savvy design. I like how it works just as they inteded it to because it doesn’t rely on one company making the OS and a completely different company making the hardware. But the real reason I love them is that I feel like I’m cared about as a […]

Adesso Mini Keyboard »

Just thought I’d let everyone know that my last article on building my mini home theater PC has been featured on the “In The News” section of Adesso’s website. I know you’re probably not all that stoked – but I am… seeing as I love it when I get featured on other sites to begin […]

New Ford Flex »

So Detroit sent a Ford Flex down for us to take a look at yesterday. I wasn’t let down at all. It’s got a nice amount of amenities such as up-to-date information from your navigation system (weather, traffic, sports scores), a refrigerated center console on the second row, sun roofs all the way to the […]

First 5000 – Ford Fusion Finale »

Today marks the last day I drive the Ford Fusion SE that I’ve had for the past 5,000 miles. I’d give this guy an 8/10 if I had to put it on a scale of 10. For the other posts on this car see. Part 1 and Part 2 – Update. Here’s some of the […]

TomTom Go 720 Pros & Cons »

So I got a new TomTom Go 720 and I was going to write a nice review about it, but there’s plenty of those out there and they have plenty of filler material and useless stuff in them too. Instead of spending 2 hours writing a review that you’ll spend 30 minutes reading, I’ll just […]

Putting the Pieces Together »

I switched from Total Choice Hosting to Media Temple yesterday and the move went fairly smooth considering all that could’ve gone wrong. I backed up everything onto my hard drive first, set it all up on (mt) and then switched nameservers. I use GoDaddy for my registrar and they weren’t instant but had the DNS […]