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The Mustache and Beard Pack 2 »

I’ve really enjoyed putting out some of these “packs” of vector illustrations that I’ve been piddling with during my free time. These mustaches and beards have been especially fun just having to come up with the different styles etc. So here’s the second one in the installment. This time there’s 10 new mustaches and a […]

Vector Mustache and Beard Pack »

After the success of the Wings Pack yesterday I decided to whip up another one. Instead this time I went with something that can easily be superimposed onto just about any picture of a person – a mustache!! Yep, there’s a dozen of these puppies in this pack. Everything from the handlebar to the fu […]

Vector Wings Pack »

Threw together a little pack this morning while working on a design for an autistic girl and her team “Alyssa’s Angels” that they might be able to use on tshirts or posters. I went with an A and some wings for the design for obvious reasons and after about 3-4 different designs decided to throw […]

Vector Block Shapes »

Working with Katie on a school psychology project of hers I was asked to create a pamphlet that had an identity and information for a sex ed program that she was to make up. I came up with the pamphlet layout and logo/identity and she came up with the filler text and majority of text […]

New Vector Rants and Raves Wallpapers »

Threw together a few wallpapers that are 1920×1200 in size so hopefully you guys like them! They’re vector based simple images on either a light blue or light purple background. Enjoy!

Custom Online Shops Compared »

So I’ve used Cafepress for several years now and they’ve always offered a fairly nice selection of items and a fairly nice quality. At one point I ordered a trucker cap and tshirt from them and the trucker cap was pretty shoddy and the tshirt was only mediocre. Since then they’ve expanded their options for […]