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Vertical 1080 Blur Wallpapers »

I got myself a new Samsung Galaxy S 5 and was in need of some wallpapers. There are tons of 1920 x 1080 wallpapers out there but not very many 1080 x 1920 ones (the distinction is important, one is 1080 horizontally while the other is vertical!) so I decided to make a few of […]

Ole Miss iPhone Wallpapers »

I have the benefit of being able to see what search terms were used when a visitor comes to my site from Google. Recently I’ve had a rather large amount of people searching for Ole Miss iPhone wallpapers end up at my site only to find that I have iPhone wallpapers on my site as […]

Earth Day Wallpaper »

Ok so I know Earth Day was last week. I got busy and it came and went. I made this last week and was waiting for Earth Day and so now it’s gone nobody probably is looking for an Earth Day wallpaper for their computer, but guess what – here it is… 1920×1280 widescreen format […]

New Vector Rants and Raves Wallpapers »

Threw together a few wallpapers that are 1920×1200 in size so hopefully you guys like them! They’re vector based simple images on either a light blue or light purple background. Enjoy!

Wild Bill Wallpapers »

They’re all in 1920×1200 format. If you really like one and would like a different size, let me know and I will whip one up for ya. Click Wild Bill for the wallpapers!

iPhone Wallpapers »

Click image for wallpapers Came up with 20 iPhone wallpapers this morning. I didn’t design each one individually (some of them are photos I took, however) but more or less cropped and sized down some of the desktop wallpapers that I already use on my Macbook. A few of the wallpapers are from So […]