Comment Bombed

Ok, so I’ve had to add some filters to the comment thingamajig….

got post bombed by this douchebag:
Name: testanchor813 | E-mail: | URI: http://test.com399 | IP:

on the 8th and on the 10th got bombed by like 10 different sites, each one going to online poker and gambling and online medicine…

my question is, who the crap gambles for money on the internet (you’re gonna lose obviously…) at least at a real casino you get the feeling that you’re going to win something, and plus they walk around and give you free drinks. I hate online poker sites due to the massive spamming and spyware…If I could rid the planet of it, I would.

So, from now on, don’t put the words “poker”, “gambling”, “diet”, “debt” or “phentermine” in any comments or they will be deleted immediately…not put into a moderation box where I check…but deleted before they even show up.

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