Customize Samsung Kids Mode Alligator

I was exiting Kids mode on my Samsung Galaxy S5 and saw that my toddler had somehow opened up a menu that allowed me to customize the little dinosaur/alligator on the second page to the left in the Kids mode. I had no idea it was possible to customize it and change it’s color, clothes, etc. I changed a few things and this hit save. I went to change him again and couldn’t for the life of me figure out where or how. I googled to no avail. So if you’ve got a Galaxy phone with Kids mode, here’s a fun little easter egg I found and can’t seem to find anyone else on the internet referencing changing the look of the alligator.

First – poke the alligator a few times until you see a “thought bubble” pop out of his head (like he’s thinking about something). Usually it’ll have a shirt or a pair of shoes or something in it.


Next, if you click on the thought bubble a menu will pop up on the bottom of the screen and allow you to change his color, clothes, hat, and shoes.


That’s it!! Show your kid/toddler how it’s done and let them customize it to their heart’s content!

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