Fourth of July

Went to Memphis for the fourth of july, had a good time. Everclear played at the Shelby Farms fireworks and that was a dissapointment. The only song I knew was “father of mine,” and that song is years old. I was told they were typically very vulgar and I was going to storm the stage if they had been with soo many little kids there. Ran in the Firecracker 5k too. It was fun, ran past a bunch of houses, and every single one of their owners were sitting outside in lawn chairs with the sprinklers aimed at the streets for the racers to run through. Made for a fun race. Now it’s back to the grind working web at the dealership again. Worked on a mass email to send tomorrow morning, 400+ people so it’s gotta look good. (yikes!)

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  1. Hey.. cute name on the quiz haha.. good memories.. you did great by the way.. a 90.. thats pretty good! but yeah.. i see how much faith u have in my running ability.. 30 is prob how many YOU ran haha jk 🙂 take care this wk during all the storms… dont drive like a bat out of hell..
    much love, jenn

    Jennifer | Jul 10, 2005 | Reply

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