Iron and Wine – The Shepherd’s Dog

Artist: Iron and Wine
Album: The Shepherd’s Dog
Rating (1-10): 4
Buy?: If your thing is earth-loving hippie music…

The Shepherd’s Dog

I’ve had this CD for a while now and it didn’t even cross my mind to write a review of it until this morning on my way to work. I stuck the CD in to let it just play from front to back because I had Boy With a Coin stuck in my head and realized I hadn’t heard the rest of the entire CD. There are a few select good songs on it such as “Boy With a Coin” and “Resurrection Fern” but all in all the CD just really isn’t my cup of tea. This song for instance is “White Tooth Man” which sounds more like a cross between Phil Collins and Ghandi than the Iron and Wine I loved in “Our Endless Numbered Days” or “The Creek Drank the Cradle”. The CD is a little too organic and out there for me. With lyrics about bales of hay and mother earth, I’ll leave this one to you hippies.

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