Toyota Dealership Experience 1

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This is verbatim what took place at the Toyota dealership next door to where I work when I went in to get some drain plug washers (also known as crush gaskets).

Parts Guy: Can I help you?
Me: Yeah I need a couple drain plug washers for my car.
Him: What kind of car you got?
Me: *chuckles* I’ve got a Lotus Elise… but it’s got a Toyota motor in it.
Him: What?
Me: It’s the Celica motor.
Him: Which one?
Me: The 1.8L
Him: No it doesn’t.
Me: *shocked* Umm… yeah it does. It’s the one in the GTS I think…
Him: No it doesn’t.
Me: Yeah it’s like the 2JZ or 2ZZ… can’t remember off the top of my head.
Him: I used to work on British cars and the Lotus is a British car and this here is a Japanese motor *pulls up diagram on computer*
Me: Yeah it’s got all sorts of borrowed bits on it…
Him: *points to the screen* Which one of these motors is it?
Me: That one *points to 2ZZ on screen*
Him: That’s the hopped up motor.
Me: Yeah I know.. that’s my engine.
Him: No it’s not, that’s from a Celica.
Me: I know, it’s got a Celica motor…
Him: What year is your car?
Me: 2006
Him: They didn’t make the Celica in 2006…
Me: I don’t have a Celica!
Him: You said it has a Celica motor
Me: It’s got that motor right there, I need some drain plug washers for that engine
Him: But that’s a Japanese motor.
Me: *facepalm*… Ok hang on… *pulls up and looks it up* Here.. I need this 90430-12031… it replaced the 12028 gasket.
Him: Hmm.. I’ll be. That’s for the Celica.


If you’ve got the stock Toyota Motor and haven’t changed your oil pan or anything like that – you will need a drain plug gasket for each oil change. The Toyota Part Number is 90430-12031. You can pick it up at your local Toyota dealership – just tell them the part number or ask for a drain plug gasket for the 2ZZ-GE motor.

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