New Larini 8″ Exhaust

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Put on my exhaust the other day and am just now getting around to posting pictures.

It was relatively painless and there’s nothing I could tell someone who’s going to be putting it on to make it any easier. I still for the life of me can’t figure out how to get the rear license plate grill part off so I had to put it on with that still on – which wasn’t too difficult. It’s easier if you have a pair of hands to hold it up while you put the exhaust brackets back in place. I used a transmission jack for this – but could’ve just as easily been accomplished by having a helper.

The sound is fantastic. It still gurgles and pops like my stock muffler did – even a little bit more now. I was hoping this would fix my exhaust squealing sound – but it didn’t. I’m going to be replacing my cat with a test-pipe from Larini and I also found a small crack in the lowest manifold-bracket that could also be causing the squeal. I’ll be installing the de-cat tomorrow and welding that crack closed, so I’ll have an update then. Here is some photo-goodness.

Special thanks to Shinoo at Sector111 for talking to me for a while about exhausts and superchargers and helping me finally arrive at the decision to get the Larini 8″ Diffuser-exit.

When it arrived, it looked huge!! Until I removed the old muffler and realized just how big and heavy this was:

With the old exhaust having two tips, the diffuser exit wasn’t the correct shape. I used a dremel to cut off the little tabs to make it bigger. It still touched the back of the exhaust tip and caused a vibration at 3000rpm – so I took it off and dremeled it out just a tad bigger. Fits perfectly now:

Goodbye, squeaky grungy,heavy heatshield. Hello exhaust-wrap!

In place and ready for action:

I’ll have some videos and sound clips up when I get the de-cat installed and mount my GoPro on the rear to capture some of the sound.

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