Lotus Moto360 Watch Face

Lotus Moto360 Watch Face

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Lotus Watchface

Ever since I got my new smartwatch, the Moto360 by Motorola, I’ve been changing the watch’s face every day. I came across an app called Facer that allows you to download watch faces that other people have made and even make your own pretty easily. I don’t see myself making a Lotus watch face and putting it on the Google app store for people to download due to legal reasons, but here’s one I whipped up that uses Facer.

To use it, you’ll need to install Facer on your android and set your watch face to Facer for Android Wear 5. Then send my LotusWatch.face file to your phone and open it using the Facer app. I put it in my dropbox and when I click it, I tell it I want Facer to open it and handle the .face filetype. It’s added and in a few seconds and then I tell Facer to use the new watch face. From then on it will be in the list of options for Facer to use. Now I’m representing Lotus on my wrist!

Here’s what it looks like on your actual wrist

Wearing Lotus

Go ahead and download the Lotus Moto360 Watch Face (330 downloads) and show off a Lotus on your wrist!

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