New Mouse

Due to a comment I figured I’d post a little about where I got this mouse…CompUSA and there were a few left if i recall. I don’t know if there were any other colors available. Just “Crimson Red.”

Some More Stuff

Ok, I know it sounds like an oxymoron, but I bought a mouse for my Powerbook when it’s on my desk here at the apartment, and it was a Microsoft mouse. Before you start heckling me, I must state that it was a $49.99 mouse on sale for $14.99. And besides, I have ended up hooking it up to my Alienware and using the older alienware mouse on the Powerbook. It’s a brand new computer and it’s getting hand-me-downs. Go figure. Anyway, $49.99 for $14.99 – That means that they’re making a serious killing on normal days when it’s not on sale I’m sure. So…all I really wanted to say is: “GO GET ONE!!” It was definately worth every penny of $15. This mouse is awesome. Comfortable, precise, and no typical wireless mouse lag. This thing takes over 2000 pictures of the desk surface every second. Tilt wheel with the most immaculate feeling wheel movement. I know this is a totally rediculous post, but I just wanted to brag about it for a while and hope that someone else goes out and gets one due to my raving about it.

My Mouse

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  1. whered you get it and was there a lot left?

    moe | Apr 25, 2005 | Reply

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