Ole Miss iPhone Wallpapers

I have the benefit of being able to see what search terms were used when a visitor comes to my site from Google. Recently I’ve had a rather large amount of people searching for Ole Miss iPhone wallpapers end up at my site only to find that I have iPhone wallpapers on my site as well as pictures from a track meet at Ole Miss. I know they leave disappointed so for the few each week that end up here looking for them here’s 4 of them I whipped up real quick. Click on the thumbnail then right click the picture and “Save As”.


Update: With the new iPhone 2.0 firmware it is possible to save these and use them all from your iPhone. Simply click the thumbnail you want. When it has loaded, touch and hold your finger on the image until the dialog pops up. Save the image and then navigate to your pictures and set it as your wallpaper. Enjoy!

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