LaFerrari and Lambo Veneno

At Geneva yesterday Ferrari and Lamborghini unloaded what are possibly two of the most ridiculously stupid looking cars ever.

First up is the redundantly redundant Ferrari LaFerrari. This is what amounts to a 458 Italia with a widebody kit, some gullwing doors, and loads of carbon fiber. While carbon fiber won’t hurt it on the track by a long shot – you can’t just give it a pointy nose, lots of the lightweight stuff and say it’s a new inspired vehicle. It’s ridiculous looking. Combine that with the worst name in history and you’ve got the dumbest Ferrari made. Anyone who says this is good looking is only saying that because it’s a bright red Ferrari and that’s what you’ve been told to think by their mind bogglingly good marketing team. I’ll take ANY other Ferrari over this one.

Ferrari LaFerrari

Next up was the newest contender for the Batmobile. Lamborghini apparently put a bunch of 8 year old kids in charge of designing it who then took to posters on their wall & combined those with their latest transformer toys and their mom’s Dyson vacuum. It’s got a tail from an airplane and more slots gills and vents in it than it costs in dollars – 4.5 million. Luckily there will only be 3 examples of these ever made and the chances of me having to ever look at one in person are literally non existent.

Lambo Veneno

Terraria Right-Click Crash Fix

There’s been a bug in Terraria for the last patch or two that causes some users to crash upon right-clicking any stacked item in their inventory or a chest. The game will crash and .Net will pop up an error starting with:

System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

What it’s trying to do is make a stack/unstack sound and when it can’t, the game crashes. This is usually due to your audio drivers needing to be reinstalled. Simply google the make/model of your motherboard and download the sound drivers. If you’re using an add-on sound card, then grab the drivers for that, install them and give it another go. If you’re sound’s working by default then it’s most likely the case that you’re using the default Windows drivers.

Source: Worked for me and numerous other people. Hope this helps some people having a bad experience with this fun game.

ASUS 27″ VE278Q Issues

VE278 Problems

I’ve just found a solution to an issue that’s been plaguing me since the day I got my ASUS 27″ monitor. Occasionally, when moving it from one place to another (LAN party, moving houses, unplugging and tidying up cables etc) I have an issue with one of my two VE278Q’s turning on. At first I thought I had gotten the power cable for it mixed up with a smaller thinner power cable that wasn’t putting enough power through to boot up the monitor. I would turn the power button on and instead of it allowing me to change sources, the power LED would be white or a purple/violet color instead of the normal Blue=Good, Orange=No Connection. I would fiddle with it for hours and finally get it to work so I dreaded moving it or trying to set it up.

There was one thing I overlooked though – the one causing me issues always had the Display Power cable hooked up to it and the one that was working fine had the DVI plug hooked up to it. I never really put two and two together and I needed one of them to use the Display Port since I have a third monitor (which I plan to replace with a third VE278Q soon) that required the use of the second DVI port on my ATI 6970. Thanks to this amazon review I figured it out. If you try to plug the Display Port plug into the monitor before you turn the monitor on, your power button LED will be white or purple in color. The solution is to simply unplug the Display Port cable from the monitor, unplug the power cable from the monitor, wait a few seconds and plug the power cord back in and then plug the Display Port cable back in. Like the Amazon review puts it “this is a big hassle”. It’s not going to keep me from buying a third one when I can afford to spend another $350 on a monitor, but it’s something that the owners manual doesn’t even acknowledge. As a matter of fact, the owners manual doesn’t even mention a white or purple LED as being a possible state of the power LED. Huge oversight on ASUS’ part.

Hope this helps some other folks out there trying to google “ASUS 27″ VE278Q white LED” or “ASUS 27″ VE278Q purple LED”. God knows I spent a good 30 minutes to find that amazon review. Cheers and enjoy your ginormous screen!

EVGA GTX 560ti 448 Classified with Coolermaster Storm Scout

PC Goodies

Was helping a friend of mine put together a PC last night and thought I’d share our experience with the Coolermaster Storm Scout case. It’s hands down the best case I’ve ever seen for under $100. There’s no holes for cable management above the motherboard which is a con, but not much of one – that’s simply due to the fact that it’s a midsize case, not a full case.

The main components were:

  • Coolermaster Storm Scout Case
  • ASUS Sabertooth 990FX
  • AMD FX-6100 6-core
  • 16gb G-skill Ripjaws
  • Fully modular 750w Corsair HX750
  • Seagate 1tb 7200rpm HDD
  • Coolermaster Hyper 212 Evo
  • EVGA GTX 560ti 448 core Classified

Some lessons we learned that may or may not be in reviews or on forums… The Hyper 212 overhangs the ram slots making it difficult to fit your RAM in if you face it blowing up/out. We solved this by facing it back/out and blowing out the back of the case instead of the top. The fan barely hangs over the RAM this way but is easily removable with two small clips to have access to your RAM.

Some of Corsair’s power supplies that they call “modular” are in fact only partially modular. Their Professional series seems to be fully modular. The HX750 came in a velvet bag with a nylon/velcro bag full of all the modular cables. They’re extremely long and convenient cables. We were easily able to reach both the hard drive and the CD drive with the same cable.

The GTX560ti 448 Classified is a BEAST in size. We didn’t really realize how long it was going to be. It WILL fit in the top PCI-E slot on the Sabertooth in the Storm Scout case after you remove the rear PCI-E exit covers. You also have to use the extra clearance in the lower CD drive area to stick the rear of it into, then get it parallel to the motherboard and slide it towards the back of the case (putting the connections through the backplate) and down into the PCI-E slot. The clearance is literally probably 1mm. If you want to SLI two of these in your case – prepare to break out the dremel and make a nice little hole for it in the side of the HDD cage. There will still be places to mount your HDD in the HDD cage if you did this. Below is a picture showing the tiny amount of clearance.

GTX 560ti 448 Classified Size

Overall – great selection of components and I wouldn’t change a single thing. We did make the mistake of buying 2 SATA cables when the motherboard comes with 4 great looking black with white on the tips tab-locking SATA cables. So if you’re wondering “Will an EVGA GTX 560ti 448 Classified fit inside the Coolermaster Storm Scout?” The answer is yes… but barely.

Handlebars & Cigars Mustache Pack

Handlebars and Cigars Vector Mustaches

All of my past free vector Mustache Packs have been extremely popular and continue to drive loads of traffic to the site even when I don’t make posts for weeks/months. I really appreciate all of the positive feedback and the examples everyone has sent me of all the silly uses for the mustaches.

I decided to make a proper “gentleman” version of the mustache pack and include cigars, a monocle, and top hat this time. Just like the Vector Mustache Pack 1 and the Vector Mustache Pack 2, these are totally free and I don’t require any credit at all if you use them. I do enjoy some of the pictures you guys send me and the feedback you leave down in the comments, so if you like it – let me know!

I decided to include a PDF format, an EPS format, and an AI (Adobe Illustrator CS5) format. Grab the one you need below and start classing up your projects!

Handlebars & Cigars PDF
Handlebars & Cigars EPS
Handlebars & Cigars AI (Illustrator CS5)

Be sure to check out the Mustache & Beard Pack 1 and the Mustache & Beard Pack 2!

Radeon HD 6990 Length

Hardocp got their hands on one of the first 6990’s for testing. They’re not allowed to say much about the card itself due to limitations given to them by AMD but going by some of the photos they posted I’ve managed to use photoshop and the ruler tool to figure out about how long the card is going to be.

So if you’re waiting on the new 6990 and aren’t sure if it’s going to fit in your case or not – it appears to be 13.5 inches long.

It will obviously take up two PCI slots and is the standard width for cards. It also has two 8-pin connectors for power and measures around 13.5″ long (just going by the one photo).

In comparison, a 9800 GX2 is 10.5″ long and the AMD Radeon 6970 is just shy of 11″ making this new card one¬†behemoth¬†of a card!