Slice Audio Splitter – Free Audio Splitter

I searched high and low and the only audio/mp3 splitters I could find were torrented hacked copies of programs that cost $$. I didn’t want to do that and wanted a legit mp3 splitter and thought “surely there’s got to be at least ONE that’s free…”

Well there is and I found it.

Slice Audio Splitter
The homepage (looks kinda jacked up with some code at the top of the page)
Where I got the file – site on audio splitting. is lame I know but it worked.

You can split an mp3 several different ways like by section length, number of sections, etc. I just wanted to split up a DJ mix into several parts so I can put it on a CD and easily navigate through it without having to fastforward for 5 minutes to get to a part I like.

Hope someone that ended up here needed something like it. Cheers!

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