Summer Update

So this is an update just because I haven’t updated in ages. Just a list of things basically. Mack has since been removed from the apartment and Marcus is going to be moving in tomorrow. Had dinner at El Sombrero today, hadn’t eaten there in forever. Got to see Rachel this past weekend. That’s always good. My SWG character’s website, is booming, kind of…the forum has become a popular place anyway…work is just like it always has been. I work for a solid hour a day…the rest of the time I take phonecalls and other misc. tasks around the office. I’m running, but not as much as I could be…I should be hitting around 50 miles a week, but I’m not. I really want to upload some of my new “meekses” onto the website for all to hear…I’ll pick a few and do that tomorrow. I help Marcus move himself in tomorrow, so let’s hope all goes well. Still waiting on my c-panel window louvres from to come in…they’ve been on backorder and haven’t told me. What a bunch of slackers, giving me the run around, saying they’ll call me back and not, not how you run a business. Also, waiting to get a hole Mack left in my wall appraised…what a kind going away present. Nick Raynor, friend from school, is working on an online comic/graphic novella of sorts at You should really check it out. Not much there now, but once it’s a good chunk of reading, there will be plenty of reason to regularly check it.

That’s pretty much it, if I think of anything else, it’ll go in the next post.

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