The First 5000: Ford Flex

So this time around I’m in the drivers seat of a brand new Ford Flex. Yeah the same one I wrote about a few days ago. Apparently some people liked what I had to say about it and have offered to let me drive one for the next First 5000.

First drive reaction: Wow these seats are freakin comfortable. It’s the first thing everyone says when they sit down in it. It’s absolutely cavernous on the inside. With the seats adjusted down and back a bit you can fit a 6 and a half foot guy in it with ease.

I took some pictures the other day when Ford brought one down for us to take a look at and so I didn’t really need to take a lot of pictures…except for the fact that all the pictures I can find of it on the internet are staged studio photos or are pictures of the car out on a lot. You never see it at night with the headlights (new really freakin bright HID lights by the way) on and the ambient interior lighting and all the cool blue dash lights on, so I snapped a few shots last night with the Digital Rebel. Hopefully this will help people be able to see what the Flex looks like at night with it’s ambient lighting package and HID headlights on! Enjoy!

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