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So this whole plugin deal is alot harder than I thought it would be. Still working on it though, never give up cause it is possible…oh well. More word on that later.

Just took the writing proficiency exam. What a waste of time. 70 of those bubble in the answer questions. All you do is look at stories that have certain parts underlined, then choose the correct answer that has a letter next to it, and bubble that badboy in. These things have changed since highschool though. I noticed how anti-slang the ACT company has become. One example was “that has German scientists freaking out as well.” You’re choices were like the following:

  • also abuzz
  • very excited
  • dancing for joy

So, yeah, really stupid. Then we had to write two essays. The first of which was whether or not students should live in dormitories or in off-campus apartments. I almost laughed out loud. You don’t have a choice at MC unless you cheat the system and have your parents tell them that you’re “living at home,” or you just move off campus and lose 100% of your scholarship. Hmm…choices choices. Anyway, the second was if your city had money to build either a health center for the elderly or a day care center for preschool aged children, write the city commission and tell them who you think should get the funding. Most everyone I talked to chose the children…”children of today are our leaders of tomorrow.” You have to pass this exam to graduate from this college. Fail it two times and you have to go take a class instead. As if having to take it over again isn’t enough punishment. I better not have to take it again mustless a class bodangit.

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  1. i had to take that too, what time did you take it??

    fabio | Mar 18, 2005 | Reply

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