Update on Aaron

This update on Aaron Rice is from Nikki’s Xanga website. If you’d like more up to the minute information, you can always check it out, Gloria5484

Here’s the lastest:
Kelly’s flight left last night at 7:40pm. She was put on a private Delta plane with a few others to Cincinatti, where she would connect to Washington. Once she got to Cincinatti, her connecting flight had maintenance problems and Delta told her that they couldnt get her to Washington until sometime the next evening. She then got on a plane to Philidelphia, which got her closer to Washington, but when she arrived there, they couldnt help her get any further…Plus, she was told that her luggage had been lost. At this point, she was very upset about everything that had happened and was extremely frustrated that she couldn’t get to Aaron. She rented a car with 2 strangers who were compassionate and drove her 2 hours away to the hospital, where she was finally able to see Aaron for the first time. This was sometime around 3 in the morning.

Today, Aaron has become conscious again. He slips in and out of reality, sometimes talking to Kelly and being affectionate towards her, and sometimes thinking he is back in Iraq and searching for his helmet or his gun. Overall, he is doing very well. The doctors didn’t even have to tell him about his leg — he remembers the accident and knew already that they would have had to remove it. He is handling the situation very very well, and Kelly says the he has even made the occasional joke or two about the situation. They are both just thrilled that he is alive.

When I talked to Kelly tonight (around 7pm, Monday), she was perkier than I’ve heard her in the past few days. She still hasnt slept since Saturday, and I’m hoping that when Aaron’s mother gets to Washington, Kelly will feel okay about leaving him for a few minutes to get some rest. She is completely worn out.

She has been in the ICU unit with him since this morning. They generally don’t allow people to stay in the room for very long and make them wait in a designated waiting area, but Kelly has refused to leave his side. Considering all of the trouble she has been through, the doctors understand and have let her stay there. She has met a few people in the hospital, and someone gave her some money to get a few things that she needs from the store until her luggage shows up. As of now, she hasnt left his side yet to go get anything, but maybe when his mother arrives, she will.

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